How to use NOW! TV Online


Account & Login


Help & Support info related to account & channel creation, login and settings.


Can I use social signups for creating an account with NOW! TV?


Yes, you can use your Facebook account to signup with our services. The process is fairly easy and will save you from the hassle of filling out various forms.


How can I create official account on NOW! TV?


Anyone can create his/her official account on NOW! TV, It’s a very easy and simple process. Open NOW! TV site click on “Create New Account” button showing on the top right bar and enter all the required details your account would be created


Why haven’t I received activation code email yet?


Mailing servers at NOW! TV immediately roll the out the emails of activation code as soon as you submit your details. At times the activation code email ends up in ‘Spam’ folder rather than Inbox. Kindly check your Spam folder once, if the problem persist you may submit a ticket to us. Well activate it at our end.


How can I change my password


Go to login on the top right of the page then go to forget password Enter your email and the code will be delivered to you official email.


How Can I change or update my channel avatar & cover photo?


You need to login to your official account Go to profile settings select Avatar options and upload your desired photo for your channel avatar & cover and apply save changes your avatar will be updated.


How can I see my privacy setting or control?


Go to option account on the right then click on settings and you will find the privacy controls as you scroll down.


Content Promotion & Engagement


Help Info How NOW! TV promote original content for its valuable users.


Guidelines For Getting Maximum Viewership on videos


1.   Video title should not have more than one pipe (|)


2.   Movie title initials should be capitalized


3.   Add Year of movie in the title


4.   If there is a number associated with trailer/series or anything, should be added after # with a space.


5.   Date pattern should be (DD/MM/YYYY)


6.   Episode / Numbering Pattern e.g Episode # 123


7.   Song title should come first followed by Band / Album, See Example # 4


8.   Add proper description and tags in your videos


How can I partner up with NOW! TV?


You can enter into a digital media liaison with NOW! TV via which we will promote your content on-site via a featured channel and a few other internal mediums of marketing.


General Information


General Information About NOW! TV


Does NOW! TV charge money?


NOW! TV is free to use. Unregistered users can watch, share and even comment on any video. Registration is required for uploading and rating a video.


NOW! TV vs Youtube?


NOW! TV is made with love in Botswana. Our mission is to provide launchpad for local talent. The UGC (User generated content) available although catering an audience worldwide; is particularly popular amongst African diaspora. We aim to be the one-stop-shop for the Botswana community. We also have lucrative revenue sharing program for our publishers and partners which distinguishes us from platforms such as YouTube.


What is NOW! TV?


NOW! TV is now online. NOW! TV is a platform where users can watch and share videos. Unregistered users can watch, share and even comment on any video. Registration is required for rating a videos and receiving feedback. NOW! TV is available on all digital mediums such as iOS, Android and Windows.


NOW! TV is also a platform to promote the local and regional talent of Botswana, nationally and internationally. We aim to be an intermediary between the youth individuals of Botswana and fame.


Will it work on mobile devices?


NOW! TV has responsive portal which functions on all mobile platforms.


So if you want to browse the site on your mobile browser, you can do that. We have an efficient system that allows seamless usage on mobile browsers.


Please contact us on supportnowtv@gov.bw for any additional information on the service or any technical challenges.